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for the love of Poseidon!

♥.come & frolic with your siren sisters!
.a place to post photos, stories, drawings, paintings, poems, music, quizzes, and any other findings related to the deep blue sea & its little treasures!
.we love seashells, coves, mermaids, nymphs, water lilies, wells, pearls, turtles, poseidon, dolphins, waves, sirens, surfboards, coral reefs, swimsuits, atlantis, seaside cottages, ponds, frog princes, magic, angelfish, watercolors, mother of pearl, clams, and sand crabs.
.other flora & fauna are always welcome too!

♥.each week there'll be a new theme for posting (but random aquatic posts are certainly acceptable!)
.there are no rules for themes; however you interpret the phrase is wonderful.
current theme
>the beauty of a pirate
(may 6-may 13)
upcoming themes
>shipwrecks & sunken treasures
>a siren's castle
♥.we mermaids would all love to meet each other! once you join, we'd love it if you fill out this little intro!

♥.sister comms :)
.pearlsandtea | .glittercupcakes

you can always contact me, chelsea, mermaidesque by dropping a little comment at my journal! i'd be happy to hear suggestions or concerns.

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